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Sarah Habibi is an Award-Winning Public speaker as the 2019 recipient of the Three-Minue Thesis Award at Ontario Tech Unviersity. Since then, Sarah has delivered talks to organizations like TEDx, RCIscience, ComSciCon, and many more!

Check out Sarah's featured talks below.

Sarah's 3 Minute Thesis at the 2012 Provincial competition held at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.

At Soapbox Science 2021 Sarah delivers a talk on the blood sucking world of parasitic nematodes and how frogs were involved in her PhD research.

For the 2020 instalment of SciComm Stroy Time Sarah shares stories of her early life, journey through academia, and how the arts shaped her passion for science communication. 

The Scicomm report is a blog written by Sarah where she discusses current topics and emerging research in science communication, STEAM education, community science literacy, and pedagogical advancements within higher Ed science education.

Check out Sarah's recent blog posts down below!


The SciComm Report

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