Sarah A. Habibi PhD


Sarah Habibi has a PhD in Molecular Biology, with a specific focus in parasitology and pharmacology. Sarah has completed both a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education degree, and is an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT: 676824). Sarah has a strong passion for teaching, research, and curriculum development, and has displayed this with over 5 years of experience working in higher educational institutes. In addition to Sarah's love for teaching, she is also committed to community outreach initiatives through science communication. Sarah has developed and taken part in many STEAM outreach programs at both the institutional and community level, highlighting her commitment to education within STEAM disciplines. Most recently, Sarah has initiated an innovative research platform that is dedicated to studying science communication and outreach practices for the implementation of formal programming into undergraduate science programs in Canada. Sarah is especially interested in identifying pedagogical innovations for science education in Higher Ed.


Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Bioscience, PhD (2020)

Bachelor of Education, B.Ed (2016)

Bachelor of Science, B.Sc (2015)


Currently Sarah is a Research Associate, Guest Lecturer, and curriculum developer at Ontario Tech University. She is also conducting independent Post-Doctoral research in the fields of science communication and STEAM education.


Sarah's goals are to establish her research program at a top-tier Ontario University, while continuing her passion for education through teaching and developing courses within life sciences and science communication.