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Sarah has worked with some of the biggest brand in North America, like Procter and Gamble, as the Spokesperson for the launch of a new Vicks product in Canada, as well as social media giants like TikTok to deliver professional development workshops geared at teaching at home science experiments to client partners. Below are some of Sarah's highlighted partnerships.

Notable campaigns have generated 10+ Million views!

Spokesperson for Vicks early defence 

Sarah partnered with Vicks Canada to help educate the public on the new Vicks Early Defence Nasal Spray. As part of this campaign, Sarah filmed commercials for social media, took part in media interviews, and created personalized educational content for her Science Bae audience. 


Science communicator for Secret deodorant 

Sarah partnered with Secret deodorant for the production of 3 social media ads. Sarah opened up her house as the production set to film the content in her kitchen. The content focused on educating consumers on the science behind Aluminum-free deodorants.


Ambassador & stem expert for spotmyuv

Sarah partnered with SPOTMYUV to create social content that highlighted the importance of sun safety. Sarah used her expertise in STEM to make the content both accurate and educational.

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Content Creator for Olay 

Sarah partnered with Olay Canada to create educational video content highlighting Olay's reformulated micro-sculpting cream. Sarah focused on teaching the science behind the 3 star ingredients in the cream: Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B3, and amino peptides. 

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Partner with dairy farmers of canada

Sarah partnered with Dairy farmers of Canada on multiple occasions. From speaking about the science behind the infamous combo of milk and cookies, to educating on climate change and the efforts DFC do to combat and reduce their emissions!

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