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Sarah Habibi is a highly experienced public speaker, media personality, and leader in digital education. Sarah frequently speaks with some of Canada's leading news outlets to discuss the power of social media in making science education accessible. She has been featured on Breakfast Television, CTV Morning, and The Toronto Star. Sarah also partners with brands and university institutuions to bring science to life!

foaming jack-o-lantern with Breakfast Television!

Sarah teaches parents how to get their children excited and learning about science this Halloween season!

Homemade Rock Candy with Breakfast Television!

Sarah sits down with CTV Your Morning to discuss the benefits of science education on TikTok. She highlights one of her favourite at-home science experiments, a DNA extraction from your mouth!

Science Education on TikTok with CHCH Morning Live!

Sarah sits down with CHCH morning live to disucss how children of all ages can learn science on TikTok! Sarah uses her backgroudn in teaching to educate the young minds ot today in the fields of STEM!

Sarah shared a fun way to get your kids back in the swing of school this fall by showcasing an exciting and yummy science experiment on Breakfast Television! Full details of the experiment can be found on Sarah's social media channels.

DNA Extraction at home with CTV Your Morning

Ambassador for Ontario Tech University 

Sarah Habibi My Ontario Tech Story
How I designed my First research study - Dr. Sarah Habibi, PHD

How I designed my First research study - Dr. Sarah Habibi, PHD

Meet our Changemaker: Dr. Sarah Habibi, PhD #womeninSTEAM A little bit about Sarah: Sarah is a Research Associate and Guest Lecturer at the Ontario Tech University working in the field of Molecular Biology and Science Education. She recently graduated from her PhD in Applied Bioscience, with a specific focus in parasitology. Sarah is also a science communicator where she shares science hacks & career tips videos to help inspire people and women to pursue careers in STEAM. What is Flipptap? Flipptap is a Professional Career-Lifestyle Network for students, professionals, and founders to learn new skills, find jobs and grow their network with video. Our mission is to create a world that goes beyond a traditional resume and make hiring & networking more human and less of a talent factory. Visit our website: Download our FREE Flipptap Blueprint "Interview Like a Boss" PDF! Learn how to answer common interview questions to make hiring manager's ears pop! Follow us for more tips & career hacks: Instagram: Linkedin: Facebook: Twitter: @flipptap TikTok: @flipptap Follow our Founder Nivida Manicks: Instagram: Linkedin: TikTok: @flippnivida Follow our Changemaker - Sarah: Instagram: TikTok: @science.bae
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