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Sarah's Passion for  Science Communication

Sarah has been an active science communicator for over 5 years. She does so through creating and hosting workshops at science communication conferences, designing and delivering university course lectures, engaging youth in at-home science experiments online, and taking part in local community outreach initiatives such as Science Rendezvous, the Durham Regional Science Fair, and High School Science Days. In addition to this, Sarah has worked with a range of industry professionals and brands (Procter & Gamble, Dairy Farmers of Canada, Shell Canada, and many more!) to make educational science content, which engages the public into important conversations. Most recently, Sarah has begun assessing the efforts of her science communication practices through the analysis of analytical metric data obtained from various social media platforms. This is part of her goal to develop a research-driven approach to conducting science communication on social media. 

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Science of Slime

Science of Slime

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Sarah Habibi My Ontario Tech Story

Sarah Habibi My Ontario Tech Story

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Sarah Habibi – Three Minute Thesis 2019 (Provincials)

Sarah Habibi – Three Minute Thesis 2019 (Provincials)

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How I designed my First research study - Dr. Sarah Habibi, PHD

How I designed my First research study - Dr. Sarah Habibi, PHD

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List of Recent Science Communication Engagements

Science Communicator – Shell Canada (2020) 

  • Recruited by Shell Canada to take part in the launch of the new Drive Carbon Neutral program. Discussed the significance of carbon credits carbon offsetting. 

Workshop Instructor – TikTok Corporate (2020)

  • Approached by TikTok to host a 4-part professional development workshop for TikTok employees and TikTok clients. Workshop focused on making lava lamps at home, while discussion the history and scientific principles of wax and oil based lamps. 

Science Communicator – Dairy Farmers of Canada (2020)

  • Recruited by Dairy Farmers of Canada to discuss how dairy farming in Canada is environmentally conscious. Focused on teaching youth about carbon footprints, bio-digesters, and water recycling.


Workshop Instructor – ComSciCon-GTA (2020)

  • Invited to conduct a workshop on how to effectively communicate science using various online platforms. 

  • Session highlighted my research-driven approach to SciComm online, and outlined how to increase user engagement (based on assessment of analytical data obtained from platforms). 


Digital Science Education Content Creator – TikTok Creative Learning Fund (2020)

  • Recruited by TikTok to take part in the Creative Leaning Fund program, which was part of their $250M investments to support front line medical workers, educators, and local communities deeply affected by the global crisis.

  • Created 40 education science videos for the platform, which received over 1 million views.

Science Communicator – Dairy Farmers of Canada  (2020)

  • Recruited by Dairy Farmers of Canada to discuss the science behind why milk pairs well with baked goods such as cookies. Video was promoted across TikTok and received over 300 000 views.

Science Communicator – Head & Shoulders (2020)

  • Recruited by Procter and Gamble to perform a video demonstration on how anti-dandruff products work at the molecular level. Video used to educate the public on the science behind Head & Shoulder products.   

Advocate for girls in STEM – Girl Guides of Canada (2020)

  • Recruited by Girls Guides of Canada to take part on a campaign aimed at empowering girls to choose STEM prerequisite courses upon entering high school.

  • Highlighting the importance of the following report through online community outreach.

Science Communicator – Water Permeable Nail Polish (Tuesday in love) (2020)

  • Performed a scientific demonstration of how water permeable nail polish works at the chemical level. Video used to educate Halal individuals on the difference between breathable and water permeable nail polishes for praying practices.

Workshop Instructor – SciCommTO Conference (By RCIScience) (2020)

  • Invited to host a segment at the conference which showcased how the arts can be incorporated in teaching the sciences. 

3 Minute Thesis (3MT) – 2019 Institution Winner (2019)

  • A university-wide competition for graduate students in which participants present their research and its wider impact in three minutes or less to a panel of non-specialist judges. 

  • The challenge is to present complex research in an engaging, accessible and compelling way.

Workshop Instructor – Durham Region Science Fair (2019)

  • Developed a workshop on how non-Newtonian fluids function through creating oobleck. Workshop was designed for kid’s aged 6-18 taking part in the Durham regional science fair.

STEAM Summer Camps for girls– Panelist (2019)

  • Invited to speak on a panel of women discussing the academic and professional journey of a women in STEM. This discussion was catered to group of elementary school females.

Invited Speaker – Probus Club of Clarington (2019)

  • Invited to speak with the Probus Seniors Club in Clarington, Ontario. The talk discussed my role in the current research being completed at Ontario Tech University, and highlighted the importance of technology and social media in science communication.

Workshop Instructor – Xplore STEM Conference (2018)

  • Conducted a workshop for grade 7-8 students. Workshop takeaways included DNA extraction, plasmid digestions, agarose gel preparation, gel loading, and gel analysis.

Women in Science at OnTechU- Executive and Vice President of Events (2018)

  • Founded the first Women in Science Council at Ontario Tech University

  • Developed a series of seminar and networking events for university students to learn and engage with a diverse range of female scientists in STEM.

Workshop Coordinator – Science Rendezvous (2017)

  • Created a STEM focused escape room for high school students.

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