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Dr. Sarah Habibi, PhD (she/her) is a molecular biologist, educator, and digital content creator

Sarah is the founder of the brand Science Bae, which was established in 2017. As a graduate of both doctoral studies and education studies (focusing on teaching STEM principles), Sarah has become an expert at communicating science to audiences of all ages, with a specific focus on children. She makes her communication efforts fun and engaging by using popular the social media platforms Instagram and TikTok. The work Sarah has done with making science accessible online has been featured in a publication in the high-impact research journal, PLOS ONE, through media appearances on popular TV broadcasts like Breakfast television, and through interviews with news outlets like The Star and Shondaland. Because of this, Sarah is committed to sharing her love for science and showcasing the power of social media as a tool for advancing science education for the next generation. 

Sarah is also an Award-Winning public speaker. The winner of the Three-Minute Thesis competition delivered a talk about her PhD research in a compelling and engaging way to an audience of non-experts. Since then, Sarah has been hired to give talks to high school and university students on topics related to women in STEM, Science literacy online, and the pursuit of a PhD in Canada. Sarah has also worked with organizations like ComSciCon to hosts virtual workshops on how to effectively communicate science on social media, and social media giants like TikTok to deliver professional development workshops geared at teaching at home science experiments to client partners. 

Sarah’s formal education includes a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Molecular biology from Ontario Tech University, a Bachelor of Education degree (with Ontario Teacher Certification), and a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in biology and organic chemistry. Sarah’s Doctoral Thesis received the Outstanding Thesis Award in 2021. In addition, during her Doctoral studies, Sarah published over 5 research manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, presented major research finding at national and international conferences, and trained and mentored graduate students on laboratory techniques.

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