Dr. Sarah Habibi, PhD (she/her) is a molecular biologist, science communicator, and digital content creator. Sarah is a highly published researcher in the field of novel pharmaceutial development for parasitic infections and the impact of science communication on social media. 

Sarah is passionate about using the power of social media to enhance student learning and connection with science, through her popular page Science Bae on Instagram and TikTok. Sarah uses her 4+ years of teaching and curriculum development experience, Bachelor of Education Degree, and Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) designation to make her teaching educational, accessible, and engaging. 

Sarah is a highly sought after public speaker. As the winner of the 2019 3-Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition, she eloquently showcases her ability to break down complex topics in exciting and engaging ways. Sarah has worked with a variety of partners to make science more accessible and bring her love for STEM to people all over the world.

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Video & Media

Sarah is an experienced on-camera professional discussing a variety of topics in STEM.



Sarah is an award-winning public speaker for her ability to breakdown complex concepts into bite size pieces.

Sarah has worked with the following organizations and brands to bring science to life!

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Below are a list of media outlets Sarah habibi has been featured in:

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